Answer the call of the ocean

Mermaid FinFest

August 30 – September 1, 2019

Scuba Ranch, Terrell, TX

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Mermaids Unite

A Call To Action

Join us for an eco-conference uniting Earth and Ocean lovers (Ages 18 and Up) with nature and activism. Are you a sea creature at heart? Water spirit? Nature lover? Attend workshops from industry experts and community leaders, as well as swimming, yoga, portrait photography, shopping, camping, and paddle boarding! We are bringing in world-renowned speakers on topics in three categories: Conservation, Professional Development, and Cosplay.  In each track, conservation awareness is infused within the latest industry information and community topics. At every level of the eco-conference, the festival will promote calls to action: practical action items and organizations they can get involved in. Currently, so much of the dive, mermaid, and nature-loving community feel a calling to become active, but don’t know how to get involved – or who to get involved with. We will be fostering the individual passions of the community to get involved, and then provide the perfect place to get the information & tools to start. Connect with your tribe, and get in on all the inspiration, networking, and training FinFest is providing with you in mind!

Mermaid FinFest 2019

Focusing On Three Topics:


Join us as we connect the mermaid community with practical action items and organizations they can get involved with. In each track, conservation awareness is infused within the latest industry information and community topics.

Professional Development

Attend industry experts and community leaders’ presentations and workshops to not only take your personal mermaid business, branding, and skills to the next level, but connect and celebrate with the trailblazers that have helped make waves on behalf of everything mermaid!


Everyone from the working siren to the mermaid enthusiast will have access to new products, amazing vendors, courses and industry insight to take everything from their image, posing skills, and “mersona” to the next level.

Keynote Speakers

Linden Wolbert

Founder of Mermaids in Motion

Since self-starting her career in 2005, Mermaid Linden (Wolbert) has been a pioneer of the exploding mermaid industry. With over 50 Million video views, 90K+ YouTube subscribers and a successful children’s ocean educational web series she produces called “Mermaid Minute,” Linden has carved her niche as a children’s “Ocean Edutainer” online and beyond. Her other passion is granting wishes to ill children through foundations like Make-a-Wish and Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity, in places as far from California as Scotland and Australia.

Linden quickly became the “Mermaid to the Stars” as she began performing in Hollywood in the early 2,000’s and accrued a list of celebrity clientele such as Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Nathan Fillion, the Osbournes, and many others she’s not allowed to mention.

A skilled freediver and aquatic athlete, Linden can hold her breath for an astounding 5 minutes and 7 seconds, and freedive 115 feet down and back up on a single breath of air. She has done underwater modeling and pro in-water stunt doubling for films, TV and commercials and has appeared as a mermaid in feature films and many music videos.

Photo by Matthew Addison

Raina & Sean Norman 

Owners of Halifax Mermaids

Raina and Sean Norman own the multi-award-winning Halifax Mermaids and Canadian Mermaids Inc. Operating in Canada for the past decade, this husband and wife duo trail-blazed the first registered mermaid company in Canada with the first mobile mermaid school. After successfully winning several business grants, the Halifax Mermaid team grew to 12 mers (and the first Canadian professional merman) providing the eastern provinces with birthday parties, educational workshops, tank shows, aquarium shows, mermaid lessons and more. Their unique mer-adventure led the team to work in the tv and film industry in Canada with high profile Canadian artists, which eventually led to a documentary about their unique life and business. Raina and Sean can’t wait to share their wealth of knowledge and their love of eco-activism and children’s charities with you. 


Meet Our Special Guests

Alex Rose
Alex Rose

Blue Ring Foundation, Founder

Raina Norman
Raina Norman

Halifax Mermaids, Owner

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Tristan Mcdonald
Tristan Mcdonald

Owner of Fin Fitness SB, Pro Merman

Lindsay Loftin
Lindsay Loftin

Mermaids For Clean Water, Founder

Jennifer Idol
Jennifer Idol

PADI Ambassidiver, Author of American Immersion

Linden Wolbert
Linden Wolbert

Mermaids in Motion, Founder

Photo by Nathan Lucas
Mike Conrad
Mike Conrad

Freediving & Scuba Instructor

Molly Nye
Molly Nye

Everything Mermaid, Owner

FinFest Activities

"I want to be where the.... MERMAIDS ARE!" When you aren't getting your mind blown at the workshops and seminars, there's plenty of time to enjoy soaking up the sun, swimming with friends, and plenty of other FINtastic activities to get into. Let's make waves!


Mermaid Yoga

Drum Jam

saturday night fun


"Mery the ocean"

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

-Rob Siltanen