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Mery™ the Ocean!

We have a very special event late Sunday morning at FinFest. Alex Rose, Founder of Blue Ring, will be officiating a ceremony for the mer community to pledge their commitment to the sea. Join Blue Ring’s work to fund research that develops solutions for the health our changing oceans. By joining Blue Ring as a member, you support a community and keep a committed relationship with the sea, funding exploration and preservation of “Hope Spots. “Click the link below to check out all the jewelry options for your ceremony, pre-register today so Blue Ring can have the beautiful jewelry pieces of your choice at FinFest waiting for you at this special event!

Hope Spots

These submersibles will be symbols of hope, dedicated to exploring and documenting uncharted waters — while providing news and data about human impact. They will also visit established and proposed Hope Spots, created by Dr. Earle.

Hope Spots are special areas of the ocean that need to be aggressively protected due to their unique and/or particularly important features that are crucial to maintaining the health of our seas. By establishing and defending these Hope Spots we’re providing the ocean and its many inhabitants a chance to rest and recover in a safe place that is off limits to destructive human activities.

These protected areas may be hot spots of unprecedented biodiversity or locations that are home to rare and unfamiliar habitats. They may represent warm pristine reefs found throughout the Coral Triangle or the vastly undiscovered depths of the Gakkel Ridge’s hydrothermal vents.

Some Hope Spots are already marine protected areas (MPAs) and others are being discovered, but all are places where conservation, research, and sustainable development must interconnect to preserve them for the future. Conscientiously managing our ocean’s health requires a unified global effort centered around the continued establishment and unwavering protection of a growing number of these Hope Spots.

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