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Meet Raina & Sean

Raina and Sean Norman own the multi-award-winning Halifax Mermaids and Canadian Mermaids Inc. Operating in Canada for the past decade, this husband and wife duo trail-blazed the first registered mermaid company in Canada with the first mobile mermaid school. After successfully winning several business grants, the Halifax Mermaid team grew to 12 mers (and the first Canadian professional merman) providing the eastern provinces with birthday parties, educational workshops, tank shows, aquarium shows, mermaid lessons and more. Their unique mer-adventure led the team to work in the tv and film industry in Canada with high profile Canadian artists, which eventually led to a documentary about their unique life and business. Raina and Sean can’t wait to share their wealth of knowledge and their love of eco-activism and children’s charities with you. When they aren’t kicking fishbutt these two spend their days training pilots through the use of virtual simulation and reality. Don’t miss their keynot speech, “Mermaid Magic,” or the following seminars:

How to be and train a merwrangler
Navigating the media as a mer
Introduction to working with children as a mer

Raina “The Mermaid” Norman

The focus of Raina’s mermaid journey has always been to empower others, and it was that mentality that inspired her to publish 3 books on this fishy business we call mermaiding. With a background in education and safety training, Raina has tapped industry experts to develop a safety workshop and push for safety standards in our industry. Participating in the only published studies on mer-safety and monofin use, Raina wants to push that bar. Having struggled with chronic illness her whole life, Raina has a special place for children’s hospitals and charities. She loves to use her teachingbackground to empower others in their love of the ocean. Raina has been lucky enough to appear on most major news outlets even recently being quoted by Steven Colbert on her fight against sexual harassment in the industry.Raina helped overthrow tail bans in her country, and helped establish the first freediving group in her province to help others like herself get certified. Despite stunted lungs Raina can breath-hold just shy of three minutes!  She wants you to know that “mermaiding” is a super power, and she can’t wait to show you how! 

Sean Norman

Sean has an eclectic background in entrepreneurship, human resources and IT that have helped him co-run one of the most successful mermaid companies. He coined the term “merwrangler” which many now wear with pride. Sean has worked with many professionals to help develop the craft of merwrangling, including tapping medical professionals for insight on safely moving mermaids. Through his work as a wrangler Sean discovered a passion for photography and photography- and his underwater work has been featured in several award-winning music videos and films with his photos going viral. Sean specializes in liaising with clients, knowing how to handle tricky situations, and keeping mers safe and moving during bookings. He can’t wait to share his knowledge with you. Sean is a PADI certified freediver and embarrassed Raina by hitting a 2 minute breath hold on his first try.  When he’s not merwrangling Sean loves taking care of his three rescue cats and helping out animal charities.