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Professional Development


Keynote Speakers: Raina & Sean

Mermaid Magic

Join these mer celebrities as they illustrate the positive impact “mermaiding” has on both the mer and the people they encounter, with insight into how to cultivate it for personal and business experience. Hear incredible anecdotes about leaders in the field such as Annette Kellerman, Hannah, and the Weeki Wachee mermaids. Raina’s personal stories are also shared with consent of clients!

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Owner of Fin Fitness SB

Just Keep Swimming

Tristan blended his performance experience with scuba and lifeguard training into an intensive career as a professional Mer-person. He decided to share the joy and healing benefits of his lifestyle with his community by offering a Fin Fitness ® course for physical and emotional wellness. In addition, he serves as an entertainment professional regularly booking and organizing meet-and-greet style events and parties. Tristan hopes to showcase the athletic aspect of mer-swimming and share the therapeutic and joy-filled benefits of his lifestyle with all who are interested and his philosophy on life can be defined in three simple words: “Just Keep Swimming.”


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Owner of Everything Mermaid

Mermaid Online Development

Are you looking to strengthen your brand and market your business online? Having a website is a great place to make you more professional, and boost your exposure without high costs. This seminar will cover everything you need to know about the importance of having a website as a professional mermaid, what those costs and potential labor include, and the inside scoop from the mermaid blogger herself on how to make things easy for you!


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Founder of Mermaids For Clean Water

Uniting Mermaids For Clean Water

I’m Lindsay Loftin and I’m a mermaid on a mission to protect water, air, and soil for future generations of humans and wildlife to enjoy. This seminar is about the most critical issues Texas and the world at large are facing today with our environment and how we can use our mermaid personas and brands to change things for the better. You will leave empowered with the knowledge and understanding necessary to be a positive force for change. 

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Freediving & Scuba Instructor

Increasing Your Breathhold

Mike Conrad is a Freediving International Instructor who can hold his breath for over 5 minutes and has dove to 130 feet. As an activity, freediving focuses on our relaxation and being in tune with our bodies to increase our breathhold ability. We use our breathing and mental focus to help us relax which will lead to longer breathholds as well as increased comfort in the water. Tune in as Mike helps us understand what it means to go Maximum Mermaid underwater, enabling you improved interactions with marine life and underwater modeling skills. 

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PADI Ambassidiver & Scuba Instructor

You’re More Powerful Thank You Think

Beginning a journey is full of excitement and hope. The next step builds momentum. Jennifer completed a quest to dive all 50 states so she could bring awareness for the challenges our local waters face. She then shared her lessons from that journey through presentations about her book, An American Immersion. Now she’s here to share her next steps and help you plan YOUR STEPS to protect and support our waterways.

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Founder of Blue Ring

Translating Knowledge Into Action

We all know how important the ocean is, but this isn’t necessarily the case for the general public. Alex will be sharing her Top Ten talking points to use as a framework when discussing with both kids and adults why everyone should care about the sea. She will cover ways that each one of us can make a difference in the health of our ocean by focusing on lifestyle shifts and worthwhile water conservation organizations. 

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Owners of Halifax Mermaids

How To Be And Train A Merwrangler

Did you know he coined the term “merwrangler” which many now wear with pride? Sean has worked with many professionals to help develop the craft of merwrangling, including tapping medical professionals for insight on safely moving mermaids. Through his work as a wrangler Sean discovered a passion for photography and videography- and his underwater work has been featured in several award-winning music videos and films with his photos going viral. Sean specializes in liaising with clients, knowing how to handle tricky situations, and keeping mers safe and moving during bookings. He can’t wait to share his knowledge with you. 

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

-Rob Siltanen